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DYI Laser Hair Removal Is Here

Say good bye razor and hello Laser!

Fact: Body Hair Will Not Keep You Warm...Get Your SkinBarr NOW

Why struggle with old-fashioned hair removal process like shaving,plucking or waxing? Or Pay premium prices for salon treatments? Put the power of the most advanced at home hair removal technology right in the palm of your hands


Wonderful Product!!!
The item is good. i will be doing my 9th session this week and already the hair growth has decreased significantly.

Eden H.

It works!
I spent $2,000 on laser treatments by a laser specialist before trying skinBarr. I was skeptical but it works! It took about 5 weeks of treatments once a week for me to see real results. I love my smooth legs.

Zahra K

Was skeptical at first! But it really does work!! Love it!

Mary E.

The hype is real
This stuff really works! I bought it after watching Susan Yara recommendation and didn't regret for sure!

Marija K

Absolutely love it!!
Overall I saw a huge difference on my thinner hairs within 3-4 weeks. I’m on week 6! Thicker hairs I’m pretty hopeful they too will dissapear! :) Only down fall. My handset stopped working :(. I’m hoping the company will assist me in getting a new one or this one fixed.

Victoria S.

Works better than expected!
I was pretty skeptical. I've previously paid quite a bit to get my bikini line done, and wasn't expecting much from this relatively cheap device. My husband and I both have been using it. Wow. I have blonde hair on most of my body, and I'm surprised at how well it has worked on it. My legs, though not hair-free, after 5 weeks of use, barely need to be shaved. The remaining hair is SO thin and sparse that I can go a whole week without noticing that I haven't shaved. My husband has really dark hair on relatively fair skin, and he decided to test it on his hands/feet, a couple of random hairs under his beard line on his neck, and random thin, sparse hairs on his back. All of these areas only needed a couple of treatments and are now hair-free. I'm pretty amazed! It's not recommended for this use, but I've also treated patches of eczema with the laser. It's pretty common for dermatologists to use PUVA lights for bad eczema, so I gave it a try. I've also noticed a reduction in these areas of inflammation. Again, not recommended for this use, but it did help some of my eczema patches on my arms/shoulders.

Alyssa F.